Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development - AUGDEC2020

Economic development can be directly linked to the level of entrepreneurial activity in a country. This course introduces students to the entrepreneurial spirit, risk and motivating factors for entrepreneurship. The course will examine the concept of entrepreneurship as the third option and its role in the contemporary African economic environment, identifying and analysing market opportunities, sourcing for finance, planning for business, basic marketing skills and small business management skills.  The problems of entrepreneurs and small to medium enterprises will be analysed in an effort to suggest ways to overcome them and awaken the entrepreneurial spirit in students. It is envisaged that the student’s entrepreneurial spirit will also be rekindled and applied to enhance the performance of the public and private sector enterprises as the concepts of intrapreneurship and corporate venturing are also explored. This course outline is designed to complement empowerment policies and human capacity building and developments targets which advocate for improved entrepreneurial skills for tertiary students and graduates  and the pro-poor development strategies.