Honors Seminars 1-AUGDEC2020

This course is done by all Honors students either in the 3.1 semester or in their 4.2 semester or in both semesters. The courses is run in a non-traditional way, which requires students to write, present and defend their findings.  Presenters from industry and renowned academics are invited to the College to present on themes of topical interest from an inter-disciplinary perspective as decided by the College from time to time.  Possible themes include but are not limited to globalization, inter-African Trade, regionalism, foreign direct investment, employment generation, entrepreneurship, finance, research or to analyze researches presented by scholars and academics during webinars hosted by the University or the College.  

At least two of such presentations will be done during the semester. Students will be advised through the College on which seminars and webinars to attend for the purpose of writing an honors term paper. The total length of the main honors term report shall not exceed 30 A4 pages and the length of a policy brief shall be2- 4 double column pages.

After attending these seminars students will be required to present a brief report to the College in a prescribed format. The report can take the format of an honours term paper or t policy brief. This report shall be presented to the College/faculty at the end of the semester and should be considered to an examination which shall be marked and awarded a mark and presented to the university senate. The paper will carry a weight of 3 credit hours or 12 notional credits.