Reflective Professional Practice in Social Work-JANJUN2022

Reflective practice is at the heart of becoming a competent and confident social worker. It's both a key element of learning and development on social work courses and an important aspect of social work practice. This accessible and introductory course explores a range of approaches to reflective practice to help students become more confident in answering key questions, including 'what is reflective practice?', 'how do we develop as a reflective practitioners?' and 'how do we maintain reflective practice in key contexts?'. There are many useful resources such as writing reflective journals, communicating well with service users and carers and reflective practice while on placements. The course supports both lecturer and students alike to become more aware of the inherent knowledge and learn from their experiences through the processes of reflection-on-action and reflection-in-action. Students are supported to learn from experiences and gaining new insights of self and/or their day to day practice. The course exposes students to reflective practices and these involve the assumptions of everyday practice and claims that both practitioners and students of social work become more self-aware when they critically evaluate their own responses to everyday practice situations.